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Some of the earliest marks made mimicked the angles of fingers. As I work I feel the image pulled from my wrist through the muscles of each finger before it is deposited on the page. My physical body is a translator, crucial in the rapport between my personal cognizance and spiritual awareness.

Radiant lines have long been depicted as delivering powerful forces. When I see radiant lines in halos or used as embodiment of divine energy towards humans, in manga as points of impact, or in rays from the sun I am fascinated by what they contain. I become aware of what I could not previously perceive between the rays, the moments of impact and the divine transmissions of energy.

My body facilitates the dialogue along these lines. The stress and trust I feel in my wrist, my right hand, my fingers, allows me to absorb energy and reply in kind to forces beyond myself.

Wrist Through Nail (detail)
Wrist Through Nail (detail)
ink and graphite on paper